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AI-powered aircraft market analysis

How TAP Deals Works

TAP deals uses machine learning to train models of expected aircraft value based on historical data from the Trade-A-Plane marketplace. TAP deals then compares the expected aircraft valuations against the observed valuation for particular planes to provide valuable information to buyers about which airplanes are likely to be good deals. Beyond just considering Make/Model/Year/Total Time, our model leverages all data available about a plane on the marketplace to generate hundreds of dimensions of aircraft value. Core to that process is our unique avionic description disambiguation pipeline, which is able to turn free-text explanations of on-board avionics into machine-representable standardized listings. As any aviation enthusiast knows, this factors heavily into any valuation, and including this in our model is vital and unique to our tool. To read more about our modeling approach please visit the about page

Since 2018, the @TAP_deals twitter account has been posting aircraft that are likely to cost less than what would typically be expected. Starting in 2019, @TAP_deals also started tweeting out interesting events like aircraft repostings, likely sales according to registration changes, and advertisement deletions. The TAP deals email subscription service provides two unique features that the Twitter feed cannot:

  • Email notifications for any new aircraft on Trade-A-Plane for any specified search URL along with our price analysis,
  • 24 hour lead notification on any pending Tweets about to go to the @TAP_deals feed.

A subscription to a search page notification costs $1 per month, and the 24 hour lead notification is provided as a courtesy to any paid account. To try it out now, please fill out the Search Subscription form!

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